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Sreenivas Babu Kode
Power Plant Consultant,
Shanahan Engineering.
M : +91 98480 30215

Dr Aluri Ravi Kumar's "SREYA'' Cardiology Clinics at Road No 36 Jubilee Hills - A place so beautifully done, which reflects Dr Ravi Kumar's taste of things along with his vast knowledge of the most vital part of the human body - the HEART.

I would rather not call this a clinic, it would be an insult to call it a clinic.

I feel that I am out of this world once I step in and that itself takes care of the heart before I even see Dr. Ravi Kumar. And once I meet him, all the problems seem to be things of the past and my heart feels lot younger than what it is...

A thorough professional to the core with all the knowledge about the state of the art technologies that are out there to take care of the Heart.

I Wish him Great Success with his Clinic and also both in his professional and personal life......

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